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The Present Guide

So people keep saying the C word. Rude I know and especially when some people start saying it in September. Yes Christmas is on the way. Love it or hate it? Either way it’s going to happen and since a child I have had the dreaded fear about having to pretend I like a gift when I don’t.

Dear Granny god rest her soul used to knit 🧶 myself and my sister the worst jumpers known to man. Each year we would have to say how much we liked them but we clearly knew they would end up in the next school jumble sale.

So I wanted to make a Christmas Gift Guide to avoid buying people useless presents. Also if you like it this is a go to list and the link can be happily given to loved ones.

So what do I think are the most important things when buying gifts for people. Well I always think quality over quantity. If something is useful, classic and timeless then you can’t go wrong.

So this week all my featured gifts are under £40. So I’m looking at affordable quality in this guide. The gift guide next week will be looking at luxury goods with a higher price tag.

For the Man or Anyone that has everything

This was my favourite purchase at Burghley this year. The Mackenzie and George keyring is just everything to me that makes a great present for anyone and everyone. Beautiful quality, classic looking, stylish and timeless. What man would not love this keyring hanging from his car keys. For me it was a must as it matched my work Mulberry.

For the Jewellery Lover

Not being a massive jewellery wearer myself I am very particular about what i wear. HiHo Silver have such an amazing range of jewellery that for even £20 you can get a stunning pair of earrings that are stylish, classic and will last a lifetime. What more can you wish for.

For the Homeware Lover

This stunning tray is on my Christmas wish list. It is so simple but yet stylish. It does not matter if you are a horse lover or not, it is going to look amazing in anyones’ home. As an object it conjures up the desire of breakfast in bed and snuggling up at home in the winter for a dinner in front of the Television. These are precious moments so make them more so with a beautiful tray.

For the Person who likes to be organised

Emily Cole Illustrations: Every year I wait with anticipation to get this calendar. It is the only horsey item that my non horsey husband allows in the house. The illustrations are so comical and being a lover of observational comedy, Emily really hits such relatable moments. A bargain at £10.

For Kids or Someone who never wants to grow up completely (Me!)

There are lots of things that I would love to buy from Horseshoe Hearts and Gifts. But this is my absolute favourite. As I child I believed in Fairies and why shouldn’t there be a little bit of childlike magic in all of our lives however old you are.

I look forward to next week when i can share more Christmas gift ideas.

Much Love ,

Amy xxx

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