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The Luxury Present Guide

This weeks Blog is looking some of the finer things in equine life. These gifts are at the higher end price range. But let me tell you I have a couple of these products and they are worth every penny. So wave them under the other half’s nose, leave pictures of them lying around and hopefully someone will take note.

For the non fair weather rider: From £145

I am the non fair weather rider. I have become renowned for riding in the rain and snow. I seem to attract it. So if you are like me then this stunning Finer Equine exercise sheet is for you. I have the fleece lined Navy version and let me tell you this is a godsend. There is also a hi vis version for those who love a long winter hack. It is so well designed and stunning to look at. It fits over any saddle, is waterproof and the fleece liner provides a lovely warm padding for your bottom on those cold winter days. They are also British dressage warm up rule compliant. So in my opinion there are exercise sheets and there is the Finer Equine Exercise sheets which stand above all others.

For denim lovers & those who want to go to town or lunch after the yard: £92

The Georgian Dollar Sieta jeans are definitely going on my Christmas list this year. I love denim breeches and these have everything. They look like a quality pair of high end jeans so can be worn anywhere and the seams are perfectly placed to have a slimming effect. If you are like me and often go straight from work to the yard or vice versa, these are a must. The price point of these are also spot on in the mid price range but with exceptional quality.

For the festival, equestrian event lover and party lover: £58

Everyone needs some fizz when they are with friends enjoying themselves so who would not want this Wine Bottle & Glass Holder from Horseshoe Hearts. I saw someone with one of these at Burghley last year. The girls and I all said that we needed one. This handy item will be perfect on so many occasions picnic, bbq, party, wedding, outdoor event or even a cheeky weekend drink at the yard. I think this is a steal for how much use you will get out of it.

For those who work with horses or basically anyone who has a horse: £135

Let’s face it all us horsey girls do tend to pong from time to time. And if you are like me and have a non-horsey husband at home then they soon tell you about your Eau De Muck Heap. So why not keep warm and clean and repel the pong with 3 Donkeys Coveralls. The new Dartmoor Coveralls have all the superior features of the classic coveralls but they are also weather proof. These are thoughtfully made with the equestrian in mind and who would have thought a pair of coveralls could be flattering, but they are.

For the woman who is difficult to buy for: £69

I would personally say that you can not go wrong with purchasing anything from MacKenzie and George. Their products just breath quality and class. But for me the Clifton clinch belt is perfect. I personally am one of those people who needs to accentuate her waist otherwise every dress can look like maternity wear. This belt would go with so many outfits and never go out of fashion because it is timeless. But even if you don’t like this belt I’m sure there is something else you can feast your eyes on from this classy company.

I may have a few more gems up my sleeve over the next few weeks for a few more gift ideas. So keep your eyes peeled on my social media.

Happy Shopping.

Much Love

Amy xxx

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