• Amy Pridige

The Camera Never Lies

And neither does video footage unfortunately. After my riding lesson on Wednesday I started looking at the footage of the videos that one of my wonderful instructors Becci kindly took for me and realised I needed to share my thoughts and feelings about riding images.

Firstly I hate photos of myself. Now I am 40 I have realised that I have never been happy with most pictures of myself. When I look back and think gosh I was young and amazing so why did I not love the picture at the time? I think we are all over critical of ourselves and how we look. Over the last few years I have gained weight and have struggled to get if off. This also doesn't help with the cause. I mean we all love our horses right and because of that we all want to get stunning photos of us on them.

But how can I turn this around? Well I have realised that for all the silly faces that I pull on camera I have realised that I can learn something from each video, photo or still shot taken from that video. The more I looked at the photos the more I realised the pictures that I hated the most were the ones where I was doing things that weren’t helping me or my horse. So let us look at a few of many (loads) and see what I could learn after getting over the initial horror.

Photo 1: Looking Down Creates 3 Extra Chins.

Why oh why do I look down when I’m jumping? I’ve been told a million time not to but I can’t help myself.

Photo 2: Moving your hands too much can make it look like you are a horse torturer.

Keep this hands still for goodness sake Amy.

Photo 3: Bad Posture means gain an extra stone in weight.

I’ve saved the best till last. Do I need a bigger jacket to hide those rolls of chunk. Maybe, but also I maybe just need to have a better posture and sit up straight.

So the moral of the story is none of us are perfect but by using the pictures we hate (and are petrified of sharing with the world) we can improve ourselves and our riding.

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