• Amy Pridige

The Beginning

Welcome everyone to the Muddy Mare Blog. Its has been given this name because of my horse of a lifetime who comes under many names (as she is so special, isn't everyones favourite pony) but Queenie is her stable name. Her show name is Kilgobbin Queen and as some of you may have guessed she is from Ireland and is an Irish Sports Horse.

Yes it is love <3

She currently lives 30 long minutes away from my home, but this beautiful yard could not be turned down with an American barn style stable to snuggle in with her body weight in hay (or more if given the chance). She has her own summer and winter paddock, much bigger than your average suburban postage stamp. An outdoor arena, a small indoor arena and a walker (which is always handy for warming up, cooling down and those days when you only have time for Queenie care and not riding).

So that drive is often helped by Suffolks beautiful hacking scenery and idyllic surroundings. I often spend this drive time mulling away life and it is when i decided to write a blog.

I will be gradually introducing you all to our world and introduce you to family, other equines and friends that we have already made and will make in the future during our journey together.

Wherever that may take us...

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