• Amy Pridige

Horsemates that met through an act of kindness and now have a forever friendship.

So it's August and I'm pleased to announce the first of my winners in the "Search for Horsemates" throughout the UK competition. I believe that our shared bond in this chosen love of horses, or should I call it an addiction can make changes for the good of others.

I started the Horsemates collection in the hope that through uniting equestrians we could use our passion for the greater good, this is why the collection donates to the RDA Centres throughout the UK. We can use our hobby and friendship made through that to support those who use horses as their therapy.

So without further waffling let me introduce this month's winner's. They embrace all that I believe the equestrian world should be about, kindness and support for one another.

Linsay and Rebecca met in the simplest of ways 5 years ago. Rebecca was at a competition and had no one to read her dressage test for her so Linsay volunteered. Like Rebecca I am often out competing alone and it is always so uplifting when people offer to help. A few weeks later they bumped into each other again at another event and once again Linsay read for Rebecca.

They hit it off with a mutual love of horses and a similar sense of humour and have been inseparable ever since.

They now train together, event together and socialise together. Linsay describes Rebecca as her wing woman and she is now the very proud god mother to Rebecca's son. Linsay says 'we build each other up and are definitely each other's cheerleaders. When we don't compete together we groom for each other and she is always by my side'.

Their friendship is full of belly laughs, gin drinking and support when life gets them down. Linsay ends by saying 'She loves me for who I am. She is my best friend'.

These Horsemates are winners in my eyes as they met over a simple act of kindness and in that moment they made a true friendship that is going to last a lifetime.

Thank you for sharing you amazing story of friendship,

Love Amy xx

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