• Amy Pridige

Everything you want is on the otherside of fear.

Today I was going to tell you all about my eventing training last night but unfortunately due to a mix up it didn’t happen. Hey ho!

So I decided to just skim over what’s been happening since my lesson with the video footage and pictures last Wednesday. We had an amazing lesson but as I said in The Camera Never Lies I have a lot to work on.

On Sunday we went to Boyton Hall a local venue which is only a 20 minute hack away (10 minutes when you are late for dressage time and canter across the fields to get there). The place is great for those starting out on their competitive journey and they run a lot of events very supportive of beginners.

Anyway let’s just say I tried to put everything into practice that I learnt on the Wednesday but my position came second to controlling Queenie’s excitement. She was on fire literally. I felt on several occasions that I had no brakes but the funny thing is I don’t feel scared like I used to. I trust her to look after me.

Things in this area have changed so much for me over the last year. If you ask any of my horsey mates you will know that I was terrified of cross country and jumping in general. I love dressage but Queenie loves the jumping and especially cross country as she has had many hunting seasons with her owner Alex. So I made a pact with her that if she gives this dressage stuff a go I will give this jumping stuff a chance.

Then Queenie had an injury (which will be another story some other time) and her recovery was slow. But something funny happened during this time, the bond between us grew. I think she knew I was trying to help her get better. I was there for almost every treatment holding her hand and I think she knew. During this time I also laughed at her quirks and just began to get to know and understand her more.

This bond has helped my confidence no end. I still get a little nervous but I read a saying that has become my mantra that I tell myself every time I feel nervous. Yep how did you guess? Everything you have ever wanted is on the other side of fear.

So back to the competition, well we flew around the 70cm nicely and came 2nd and then went into the 80cm and I had no control over the first 6 jumps and had the second part of the double down. Then I sorted myself out using what i had learnt on Wednesday and she jumped the final 6 beautifully. I had control and she was jumping with scope. We didn’t get placed after one down, but I personally think the 80 round was better as we were learning together.

So this little adventure on Sunday took us further towards our eventing possibilities for next year. So as long as she stays sound (and so do I) let’s hope we get there.

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